Google Chromecast Now Available From Walmart


Looking to pick up a Chromecast before Thanksgiving? Don’t order it from Google Play and wait for it to arrive — get it from Walmart instead. The retailer is now selling Google’s media streaming dongle for $35.

Google has slowly been expanding the availability of Chromecast since the device made its debut back in July. Initially available only though Google Play, you can now buy one from Best Buy, Amazon, and even Motorola. And just $35, it seems like the ideal gift for Android users this Christmas.

The Chromecast plugs into any TV or monitor with an HDMI port and allows you to stream content to it from Android and other devices. You can stream music, movies, and TV shows; YouTube videos, and content from third-party apps like HBO Go over your home Wi-Fi network.

If you can wait a few days for a Chromecast, then it may pay to do so — we could see its price tag reduced by some retailers for Black Friday.