HTC One Successor To Offer 5-Inch 1080p Display, Snapdragon 800 CPU, KitKat [Rumor]


We’ve already seen some fuzzy snaps of the HTC M8, the upcoming success to the flagship HTC One, and now we have some specifications, too. A reliable source claims the device will offer a slightly larger 5-inch display with the same 1080p resolution, a Snapdragon 800 processor, and Android 4.4 KitKat right out of the box.

That all sounds a little disappointing.

I don’t know about you, but that all sounds a little disappointing to me. While I’ll be the first to admit that a 1080p is plenty good enough for a smartphone — even with a 5-inch panel the human eye cannot see individual pixels, so cramming more into a display of that size kind of seems redundant to me.

It is worth noting, however, that by the time the HTC M8 is unveiled next year, the Snapdragon 800 processor will be aging technology. The chip be at least 12 months old (it was announced this January), and Qualcomm will already be offering its successor — which may even be 64-bit like Apple’s new A7 processor.

That’s the chip we want to see in the next generation of flagships.

HTC may focus on improvements in other areas.

With that said, I may have dismissed this rumor had it not come from the incredibly reliable @evleaks, who is rarely wrong about anything. But what we don’t know at this point is whether HTC will focus on improvements in other areas.

While the company has been pushing the One’s UltraPixel camera, there’s no denying it needs some hefty improvements. Its low-light performance is good, but it cannot compete with devices like the iPhone 5s, or even the Galaxy S4 in most situations. We’re also expecting to see a fingerprint scanner like that in the 5.9-inch HTC One max phablet, which was unveiled just last month.

If HTC can deliver these things, as well as a slightly larger display, then the One’s successor may still be a very good device. After all, a Snapdragon 800 is a step up from the original One’s Snapdragon 600 chip, and that’s still a very fast device. Furthermore, you can bet its build quality and design will still be second to none.