Possible Nexus 8 Tablet Appears On Official Android Website


A mysterious new Nexus tablet, believed to be a Nexus 8, has been spotted on the official Android.com website. The discovery comes after Google updated the page for its new Android 4.4 KitKat release last week, but it seems unlikely this was an accidental leak.

Google has been known to “accidentally” leak new Nexus devices ahead of their official release. The new Nexus 5, for example, first appeared in a Google video of the KitKat statue unveiling on the company’s Mountain View campus, and then again on Google Play days before its public release.

But the search giant is usually quick to spot its mistake and rectify the slip-up (both the KitKat statue video and the Google Play listings for the Nexus 5 were quickly pulled). In this case, the photo has been visible on Android.com for days, and it doesn’t appear to be an accident.

So what is that mysterious device seen in the picture above? I looks a lot like a Nexus 7, but with much narrower bezels. It could certainly be a slightly refreshed model with an improved design, but many suggest that it is instead a “Nexus 8” with a slightly larger display.

Of course, it could just be an innocent tablet mockup made for that photo, but it seems unlikely Google would make mockups when it can use its own tablets in shots like these.

What do you think this device could be?