BBM Adds 20 Million Users Following Debut On Android & iOS


If you thought BBM was going to be a massive flop on Android and iOS, then you thought wrong. BlackBerry has today announced that the service has added 20 million active users since making its debut on the two rival platforms, taking its total number of monthly active users across Android, iOS, and BlackBerry to 80 million.

That’s hugely impressive for an app that made its debut just one week ago — especially when you consider that BlackBerry made users wait in line for access so that it didn’t have too many people connecting at once, potentially causing its servers to cripple under the load.

During its first week of availability, BBM topped the App Store’s free charts in 107 countries, and became the top overall app in 35 countries on Google Play.

But what’s most important for BlackBerry is that users aren’t just downloading BBM to see what all the hype is about and then deleting it again; when the company says it has added 20 million “active users,” it means these people are still taking advantage of the service.

BlackBerry has already updated BBM for Android and iOS to make improvements and fix bugs, and it plans to add new features — including Channels, BBM Voice, and BBM Video — in the coming months.