Samsung Throws The NBA $100 Million To Have Tablets & TVs Used Courtside


Samsung has struck a $100 million deal with the NBA that will see its tablets and televisions used courtside during games. The deal is seen as a strategic move that could expand the global reach of both parties, shoving Samsung’s logo and devices into the faces of NBA fans, and putting NBA content into the hands of Samsung’s customers.

Samsung will provide tablets and TVs that will be used courtside by NBA referees to review close calls during games when the new season begins this week. It will make the South Korean company one of the most visible brands at NBA games, The Wall Street Journal reports.

In turn, the NBA will provide Samsung with customized and exclusive video content for its hugely popular devices, giving Samsung yet another edge over rivals like HTC, Motorola, and LG, which are already struggling to compete for smartphone market share.

This isn’t the first time Samsung has been associated with the NBA. The company struck a deal with Miami Heat forward LeBron James last season for its Galaxy Note II, and earlier this year it paid rapper and former Brooklyn Nets owner Jay Z for one million copies of his latest album to give away for free to Galaxy smartphone users.