BBM To Land On Android & iOS “Within Days,” Says BlackBerry CMO


Still waiting for BBM to come to Android and iOS? Aren’t we all.

It’s been almost four weeks since BlackBerry attempted and then stalled its cross-platform BBM rollout, and the Canadian company has remained pretty quiet about its plans ever since. But according to chief marketing officer Frank Boulben, we could see BBM in the App Store and Google Play before the end of the week.

During a recent interview with Reuters, Boulben revealed that he expects BBM for Android and iOS to be available “within days.” He added that BlackBerry is confident it has now fixed the issues that halted the original launch.

BBM for iPhone briefly became available in New Zealand and Australia on September 21, but the Android version never made it to Google Play. Server problems forced BlackBerry to suspend the rollout and pull the apps, and it’s been working to fix the problem ever since.

The company insists the problems arose from a leaked version of the BBM app for Android which was made available online weeks before the official launch. Thousands of fans downloaded and installed the app, which wasn’t meant for public use, and it caused major issues for the messaging service.

We’ve contacted BlackBerry for clarification of its plans for cross-platform BBM, and we hope to get confirmation soon. In the meantime, keep an eye on the company’s Twitter feed and for more information on the launch.