Gmail Ads Now Appearing On Android


We knew inline adverts were coming to Gmail’s mobile apps after Google added support for them in its latest Android update, and this week they’ve started appearing in users’ inboxes. Just like in Gmail on your desktop, the ads are displayed under the ‘Promotions’ tab and they cannot be turned off, but you can dismiss the ones you’re not interested in.

The ads almost look like regular emails, only they’re highlighted in yellow so that you can’t miss them, or mistake them for other spam messages. You can delete them if you’re not interested in them, or move them to your regular inbox if you want to do something with them later — but you cannot disable them altogether.

Not every Gmail user is seeing the ads just yet; they appear to be rolling out to groups in phases — but I’m sure it won’t be long before we all have them. It’s likely ads will eventually appear in Google’s Gmail app for iOS, too.