The Samsung Galaxy Gear May Not Be So Great, But Its First Commercial Is [Video]


The first reviews for the Samsung Galaxy Gear rolled in last week, and just as we suspected, they weren’t all that positive. While almost all had good things to say about the device, they also agreed that it was rushed and unfinished, lacking key features, and in need of improvement in a number of areas — most importantly in notifications and battery life.

But while the device itself may not be all that impressive, its first TV commercial is.

In fact, it’s possibly the best commercial for a mobile product that Samsung’s ever made. It doesn’t poke fun at Apple or other competitors, it’s not all about specifications, and it’s not boring. The one-minute spot shows of some of the most iconic smartwatches of all time, such as Dick Tracy’s radio watch from 1946, and the device that David Hasselhoff used to talk to KITT in Knight Rider.

The clip ends with the Galaxy Gear alongside the tagline “it’s finally real.” Check it out below.

There’s another 1-minute Galaxy Gear clip entitled “A Long Time Coming,” which shows all of the watches mentioned above being used in movies and TV shows.