AT&T Doubles Down On Upgrade Fee, Reminds Us Why They’re Last In Customer Satisfaction

Starting Sunday AT&T customers will be faced with a $36 fee for upgrading to a new device. This is a 100% increase from the current fee of $18! You ask yourself why, why would AT&T impose a 100% increase on a fee so outlandish that the majority of carriers wave? I say it’s to make up for the 4 billion dollar loss they took on the failed T-Mobile merger. They say it’s because:

“Wireless devices today are more sophisticated than ever before. And because of that, the costs associated with upgrading to a new device have increased and is reflected in our new upgrade fee,” “This fee isn’t unique to AT&T and this is the first time we’re changing it in nearly 10 years.”

I guess we should be thanking them, you know, for the 10 years that the fee stayed the same? Another slime move by a carrier in an attempt to pick our pockets for fees they should be paying. Anyone remember the Verizon fiasco when they tried to charge customers an extra $2 for paying their bill? The outrage from consumers resulted in Verizon ultimately abandoning the fee in favor of consumer satisfaction. Let’s hope AT&T does the same, but then again, there’s a reason why AT&T remains the worst carrier when it comes to customer satisfaction.