Leaked Galaxy Gear Manager Screenshots Reveal NFC Connectivity, Apps


Gear Manager, a new Samsung app that will allow you to manage your Galaxy Gear smartwatch from your Android-powered smartphone, has appeared in a pair of leaked screenshots ahead of of the Galaxy Gear’s grand unveiling on Wednesday.

The app suggests Gear will connect to your smartphone via NFC and Bluetooth, and that it will have its own apps and a “find my watch” feature.A senior Samsung executive confirmed earlier this week that Galaxy Gear will be unveiled alongside the Galaxy Note III at an event in Berlin on September 4. We don’t know a lot about the device at this point, but we do know it’ll be powered by Android, and that it’ll work alongside your smartphone.

A recent rumor, citing sources at a Samsung warehouse in Texas, claims the Gear will have a 2.5-inch touchscreen, 6GB or 8GB of internal storage, a 1.5GHz dual-core processor, and 1GB of RAM. It’s also expected to have a 4-megapixel front-facing camera for video calling, and a measly 10-hour battery life.

According to the screenshots above, which were published by the ever reliable @Evleaks, Gear will connect to your smartphone via NFC and Bluetooth. You’ll be able to manage clocks and settings from the app itself, as well as Gear apps. There’s also a “find my watch” feature which will presumably help you locate your device if you lose it.

Most of these are features we expected the Gear to deliver, but nevertheless, it’s nice to see confirmation. We’ll know a lot more about the device in just five days, of course. Who’s excited?