Google+ Messenger Gets The Chop As Focus Turns To Hangouts


After Google announced Hangouts at Google I/O back in June, we suspected that Google+ Messenger’s days were numbered — and we were right. In a new Google+ update rolling out now on Android, Google is killing Google+ Messenger for good, while the iOS version will get the chop at a later date.

“Now that Hangouts provides messaging and video calls across Android, iOS and the web, we’re removing Messenger from the Google+ mobile apps (first on Android, then on iOS),” Google’s Vic Gundotra explained in a Google+ post today. “Later today you’ll be able to download all of your Messenger conversations (including text and photos) from Google Takeout.”

But that’s not all this update does if you’re an Android user. You’ll also find that switching between multiple accounts is now quicker and easier, and with support for Google Drive, you have easy access to all of your photos and videos for posting to Google+.

What’s more, Google Apps for Business features are now fully supported, and there are improvements to location sharing that give you more controls. “Starting today you can share your pinpoint or city-level location with others (if you want), and you can do so on a circle-by-circle basis,” Gundotra explains.

“For example: you can share your pinpoint location with family, and your city-level location with co-workers. You can also use circles to filter who appears on your “Locations” map.”

The update is rolling out over the next few days via Google Play, so keep an eye out for it.