Deutsche Telekom Confirms Galaxy S III Will Skip Android 4.2.2, Get Android 4.3 Instead


Deutsche Telekom has confirmed rumors that the Samsung Galaxy S III will skip Android 4.2.2 and get updated directly to Android 4.3 instead. The move was confirmed on the official Telekom forum, but it’s still unclear when the Galaxy S III’s next update will be available.

There’s a chance this may not apply to all Galaxy S III owners — it could be a Deutsche Telekom exclusive — but we think it’s pretty safe to assume that if Samsung is taking this route with one carrier, it will do so with all of them.

Recent reports have claimed that Samsung will be taking this route with both the Galaxy S III and the Galaxy Note II, rather than rolling out two separate updates.

When asked about these reports, a Telekom representative wrote: “This rumor, we can, at least in terms of the Telekom equipment, confirm.”

Both the Galaxy S III and the Note II are still running Android 4.1.2 officially, but with Android 4.3 now available, it makes sense for Samsung to focus on that version. The Korean company seems to have stepped up its game when it comes to Android updates, ensuring all of its latest devices come with the latest Android release pre-installed.