Want MoDaCo.SWITCH On Your Galaxy S4? Here’s How You Can Support Its Development


Earlier today, we told you about MoDaCo.SWITCH, a terrific new tool for the HTC One that allows you to install both Sense and stock Android and switch between then at the touch of a button. At the moment, it’s only available on one device, but MoDaCo has plans to bring it to the Galaxy S4 (i9505) in the near future.

If you’d like to see that happen, here’s how you can make a pledge to support its development.

MoDaCo has just kicked off a new Indiegogo project that aims to raise £1,000 (approx. $1,540) by Friday, August 16. You can pledge as little as £1 ($1.50) just to show your support, but anything over £3 ($5) will get you early access to MoDaCo.SWITCH for the Galaxy S4 as soon as it’s ready for testing.

If you pledge £8 ($12) or £10 ($15), you’ll get early access plus a MoDaCo Silver membership, which gives you access to the “MoDaCo.SWITCH kitchen.” A pledge of £40 ($60) will get you all of the above plus a snazzy MoDaCo.SWITCH t-shirt.

Finally, there’s an option to pledge £3,000 ($4,600) — apparently every project has to have one of these on Indiegogo — which buys you dinner in London with the MoDaCo team, plus a brand new Samsung Galaxy S4 with MoDaCo.SWITCH pre-installed. You’ll also get a lifetime MoDaCo Gold membership.

“In the past if you wanted to run different ROMs on your device – for example Samsung TouchWiz and stock Android or CyanogenMod – you’d have to manually flash between them and set up your data again every time you switched – certainly not ideal,” MoDaCo says on the Indiegogo page.

“SWITCH solves this problem.”

I already explained how SWITCH works in this morning’s post about the HTC One, so be sure to check that out if you’d like to learn more. If you’re already familiar with it and you want to support its expansion to the Galaxy S4, hit the source link below where you can make your pledge on the Indiegogo project page.