Leaked Verizon Roadmap Reveals HTC One, Moto X Release Dates


With the HTC One now shipping from hundreds of carriers across a whole host of markets, we’ve been wondering why it’s taking Verizon so long to throw its own hat into the ring. According to a leaked roadmap detailing the carrier’s plans for the next two months, we’ll have to wait until August for it to arrive — which is the same month Verizon plans to launch the much-anticipated Moto X.

The roadmap, which covers a handful of Verizon releases all the way up until August 29, was obtained by PhoneArena. There are lots of interesting mentions within it, but two really stand out.


The HTC One, which Verizon customers have been waiting for for severals months, will finally be available on August 1, according to the roadmap. That’s almost three weeks away. We have no idea why it’s taking the company so long to get a device that’s already been on sale for some time, but at least we know it will be here fairly soon.

As for the Moto X, which has been making lots of headlines in recent months, that’s scheduled to launch on August 23. Recent rumors have claimed that you’ll be able to customize the device by choosing the color of its back panel and trim, as well as adding engraving. But you’ll have to order custom models online; those available from Verizon stores are likely to be standard models.

Some other smartphones on the roadmap include the Samsung Convoy 3, which will replace the Convoy 2 on August 15; and the prepaid Samsung Stellar, which will launch on August 29.

The new Motorola DROID lineup, which includes the DROID Mini, the DROID Ultra, and the DROID MAXX, isn’t on the roadmap. That suggests these devices may not be available until September at the earliest — possibly even later.

It’s worth noting, however, that we do not know how old this roadmap is. It’s possible other devices have been added and dates have been changed since it was written up, so bear that in mind.