Meet The 2013 Motorola DROID Family [Image]


Wondering what Motorola has up its sleeve for the rest of the year? The image above is purported to be the entire 2013 Motorola DROID family, with the DROID Mini on the left, the DROID Ultra in the middle, and the DROID MAXX on the right.

The image was posted on Twitter by @Evleaks, an incredibly reliable source of unreleased product information, who claims all three devices are landing on Verizon. We don’t know much about the trio at this point, but here’s what we’ve gleaned from recent rumors:

The DROID Mini, as its name suggests, will be the entry-level offering in Motorola’s 2013 smartphone lineup, offering a 4.3-inch display. The DROID Ultra, which briefly appeared on Motorola’s website earlier this month, will have a 5-inch 1080p display with the latest Snapdragon 800 processor, 2GB of RAM, and a 10-megapixel rear-facing camera.

As for the DROID MAXX, that’s likely to be a lot like the Droid Ultra, though it’s hard to see how Motorola could improve on those specifications. It could have a slightly bigger display to compete with the latest phablets — though it doesn’t look much bigger in the photo — and possibly a better rear-facing camera.

It’s unclear when the new DROID family will get its unveiling, but Motorola reportedly has an event scheduled for next month, so we may not have to wait too much longer.