Details On Motorola’s ‘Moto X’ Phone: Tons Of Colors, Custom Engravings, Special Sensors


We don’t know a whole lot about Motorola’s upcoming flagship phone, the Moto X, other than that it will be made in the U.S. and feature new technology that has been in the works for years.

Now a report has shed some more light on what the Moto X will offer. Customers will be able to customize the look of the handset more than any other Android phone to date, and the device will be environment-aware thanks to some special hardware sensors.


French site leaked some alleged Moto X casings today.

ABC News is reporting that “the Moto X will allow users to fully customize the look of the device with different colors and an engraving.” When ordering from the web, customers will be able to choose from a “palette” of colors and create their own color combo for the phone’s back and trim. Custom engravings on the back of the device will also be offered, which is a first for the Android scene. Motorola will even go so far as to let customers upload their own wallpaper to have it in use on the device when it ships, according to the report.

The most interesting part of the Moto X will probably be in the sensor department. Motorola alluded to this during the D11 conference a couple months ago. Here’s what ABC has learned:

The biggest tricks of the phone come with what Motorola has been doing with the hardware sensors, sources say. Instead of having to fumble to find the camera icon or button, users will be able to flick the phone to launch the camera. There are also added voice capabilities, which leverage Google’s advanced voice recognition technology. The phone is said to be smart enough to know when you are driving and will automatically launch the speakerphone function.

The Moto X is allegedly being tested on a version of Android 4.2.2 with multiple carriers. Yesterday, The Verge reported that the Moto X would not be an exclusive Droid phone on Verizon, although Motorola will apparently be releasing some other phones under the Droid name as well.

Leaked image samples have already revealed that the device will have a 10 megapixel camera.

Back in May, 9to5Google claimed that the “Motorola X Fon” will be released on all four major U.S. carriers and come with over 25 color options. In Motorola’s first ad for the upcoming flagship phone, the tagline reads, “Designed by you. Assembled in the USA.”

The Moto X will be the first major handset Motorola ships since it was bought by Google in 2011. Today a sign up page was put up by Motorola for sharing future news on the Moto X via email.