Google Finally Doing Something With Motorola: Moto X Hero Phone Will Be Made In U.S.


Remember Motorola Mobility? Google bought it for $12.5 billion in 2011, and the smartphone maker hasn’t released one new device since. Now Motorola is ready to unveil several new Android phones between now and October. The upcoming flagship device from Motorola will be called the Moto X, and it will be assembled in Texas.

The news was just announced onstage by CEO Dennis Woodside at the D11 conference.

The Moto X will have advanced sensor technology that allow it to know when you take it out of your pocket, for example. Woodside described the phone has being more “contextually aware” than most smartphone users are accustomed to. “It anticipates my needs,” he said. Sounds cool… or creepy.

Woodside had the phone in his pocket at the conference, but he wouldn’t show it off.

To make the device, Motorola will employ 2,000 U.S. workers outside of Fort Worth, Texas. In an age when American companies totally outsource to Asian manufacturers like Foxconn, parts for the Moto X will be sent in from overseas and assembled stateside. Apple has said it will start making Macs in the Texas later this year as well.

Motorola is also working on breakthroughs in identity authentication, an issue that many smartphone makers are also trying to solve. At D11, Motorola’s chief of advanced R&D had an electronic tattoo ID and vitamin pill that, when swallowed, acts as an authentication token.

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