HTC Could Bring Stock Android To Existing One Devices


HTC finally confirmed on Thursday that it will be launching an HTC One Google Edition powered by stock Android on June 26. The question many existing One owners are asking now is whether they’ll be able to download and install that stock ROM onto the devices they’ve already purchased.

According to an HTC spokesman, that could be a possibility.

Right after Google’s Sundar Pinchai confirmed the HTC One Google Edition at D11 yesterday, I contacted HTC on Twitter to find out whether existing One owners would eventually get access to its stock ROM.

“C’mon Killian!” the company replied. “We just announced the Special Edition. Give us some time before hammering us with questions about the future!”

For the record, I asked one question — there was no “hammering.” Thankfully, the company was a little more helpful when Pocket-lint asked the same:

An HTC spokesperson gave Pocket-lint an interesting bit of information (and hope), when saying: “We’re taking a look at what, if anything, makes sense for early adopters of the One who want a stock Android experience.”

If HTC does make the ROM available to existing One owners, it means they’ll be able to ditch Sense and get stock Android without buying the new, special edition One. And it makes sense (excuse the pun) for the company to do that.

Firstly, the One Google Edition is the same price as the regular One, so it’s not like the company will be losing any cash. Furthermore, the existing One is already available in several markets all over the world. If the Google Edition is exclusive to the U.S. initially — like the Galaxy S4 Google Edition — then those in other countries could just purchase a regular One and flash the stock ROM.

Given HTC’s current struggle, it should be doing all it can to boost One sales. And promising a stock ROM for existing One owners is one way it could do that.

Of course, even if HTC doesn’t release the stock ROM officially, it’s likely to be made available through unofficial channels anyway. But it would be nice to have HTC’s support.