Facebook Home Comes To HTC One, Galaxy S4, Xperia ZL & More


Facebook has quietly added support for the HTC One, the Samsung Galaxy S4, the Sony Xperia ZL, and other Android smartphones to its new Facebook Home launcher. The update comes after the social network announced it had seen over 1 million downloads of Facebook Home following its launch on April 22.

When Facebook Home first made its debut, it only supported a handful of devices, including the Galaxy S III, the Galaxy Note II, the HTC One X, and the HTC One X+. Facebook promised, however, that support for the HTC One and the Galaxy S4 would be added when the devices became available in the U.S.

But there’s a catch.

While the HTC One is supported by Facebook Home officially, support for the Galaxy S4, the Xperia ZL, and other smartphones is unofficial. That means you can download and install the launcher on certain devices, but it’s not properly approved, so you may experience certain issues that Facebook hasn’t ironed out yet.

You’ll know whether your handset has official support or not when you attempt to run Facebook Home. Devices that aren’t officially supported get a message that reads:

Your device is not supported yet, so you may not get the best experience if you use Home now. More devices will be supported soon.

You can choose to “Use Home Anyway,” however, which will allow you to run the launcher.

If you still don’t have the option to install Facebook Home in Google Play, then you’re device isn’t supported at all — not even unofficially — so you’ll have to wait a little longer. You can install a patched version of the app on unsupported devices if you don’t want to wait.

Facebook announced on Thursday that Home has been downloaded more than 1 million times from Google Play, but the company did not say how many of those downloads were still active. It’s unclear, then, how many of those downloads are being used, and how many have since been removed from devices.