Facebook Home Patched For Unsupported Android Devices – Get It Now!

Facebook Home

Facebook Home hit Google Play on Friday, but it only comes with support for a small handful of devices initially — and those devices have to be located inside the United States. But as is often the case when it comes to Android, there is a workaround.

You can now download a patched version of the official Facebook Home release for any Android device. Here’s how.

Just to confirm, this isn’t the same as the pre-release version we told you about last week. This is the official release, which means it’s much more stable.

If you have a supported device, such as a Galaxy S III or an HTC One, but Facebook Home isn’t available in your country yet, then the installation process is much easier. All you need is the patched APK, which is available to download from MoDaCo. Just ensure your device can install apps from unknown sources, then proceed with the installation.

If you have an unsupported device, such as a Nexus 4, then the process is a little more complicated — but still pretty easy — because you also need to install patched Facebook and Facebook Messenger apps. With that being the case, start by uninstalling these apps if you have then already, then download the patched versions from MoDaCo.

Now install them one by one, ensuring first that you can install apps from unknown sources. It doesn’t matter which order you install them in — the process will work either way — but I find it’s easier to install the Facebook Home APK last so that you can open it straight away and proceed with the setup.

You now have the official Facebook Home launcher installed on your Android device!