Google Launches New Google Keep App For Chrome With Offline Access


Google has launched a new Google Keep app for Chrome that makes it easier than ever to access the new note-taking service on your desktop. Keep was previously available through Google Drive, but that meant you needed an Internet connection; with the new Chrome app, you can enjoy offline access.

Once installed, the Google Keep app for Chrome launches inside its own window, allowing you to create notes, manage your to-do list, and upload photos while you continue to use Chrome for other things. You can maximize the window to work on your notes in fullscreen, however.

And with offline access, you no longer need an Internet connection to get at your notes and tasks. Any notes you create while offline will simply sync when you get reconnected.

We already showed you how to add Google Keep to Chrome using a third-party extension, but having an official solution is always better — particularly when it brings additional features.