New Chat Heads Feature Comes To Facebook Messenger On Android


Facebook Home may be launching on just five Android smartphones today — one of which hasn’t even hit stores yet — but one of its new features is now available to everyone. Chat Heads was just added to the Facebook Messenger app, making quicker and easier than ever to reply to messages and switch between conversations.

With Chat Heads enabled, you’ll see a small circle pop up at the top of your display whenever you receive a Facebook message. You can then tap that circle to quickly reply without leaving the app you’re already in. And of course, because Facebook Messenger supports SMS integration, this is even more useful.

Even after you’ve replied, you’ll notice the Chat Head doesn’t disappear. You can either drag it to another part of your display to move it out of your way if you want to keep the conversation going, or you can drag it to the little cross that appears at the bottom of the screen to scrap it.

Chat Heads is available in the latest Facebook Messenger update, which you can download from Google Play now. And again, you don’t need Facebook Home to use it.

If you do want to sample Facebook Home and you don’t have one of the handsets supported from today, why not download the pre-release and give it a whirl?