HTC Marketing Chief Promises Butterfly Successor To Meet Demand


The HTC Butterfly — also known as the J Butterfly in Japan and the Droid DNA in the U.S. — was one of the first smartphones to offer a 1080p display, kickstarting a new generation of full high-definition handsets. And according to HTC marketing chief Benjamin Ho, the handset will get a successor “to meet consumer demand.”

The Butterfly has been selling particularly well in Asia, Taiwan Focus reports, and Ho confirmed at a media briefing that a successor is on the way under the same name. He didn’t say when or where the device would be available, but it’s likely it’ll appear in place of the HTC One in certain countries under certain carriers.

The Droid DNA was exclusive to Verizon in the U.S., and we know Verizon won’t be getting the One, so it’s possible it’ll offer the next-generation Butterfly instead.

For now, all we can do is wait for HTC to make its move. Ho didn’t provide us with any information on the device, so it’s still very much a mystery at this point. Having said that, HTC is one of the leakiest smartphone vendors, and its latest devices almost always appear before they’re officially announced.