China Already Has A Clone For The HTC One


It won’t be announced until Tuesday, February 19, but the HTC One already has its own Chinese knockoff. Called the GooPhone One, the device you see above has clearly been built upon the leaked renders we’ve been seeing for HTC’s upcoming flagship over the past couple of weeks. It runs Android, but don’t expect to see the Sense user interface here.GooPhone is notorious for making knock-off smartphones and tablets, and the company normally targets the iPhone and the iPad — mostly because of the demand for the devices in China. But other high-end smartphones get their own clones, too, like this one.

According to GizChina, who first spotted the GooPhone One, this device is likely to offer a 4.7-inch display (it’s unlikely it’ll be 1080p like the real One), at least 1GB of RAM, and a 13-megapixel camera. It’s also expected to get a quad-core processor from a company called MediaTek, which will give it plenty of speed without adding too much cost.

The device will be powered by Android — though it’s unclear which version — with GooPhone’s “Lewa OS” interface. Personally, looking at the photographs above, I’d much prefer it gave us stock Android than a poor copy of iOS. But I’d imagine those who are genuinely interested in purchasing this device won’t be too bothered about that.