LG’s New Video Teases A ‘Breakthrough’ Coming To MWC [Video]

Screen Shot 2013-02-07 at 16.06.12

Some companies have started shunning trade shows like the Consumer Electronics Show and Mobile World Congress when it comes to announcing their next big thing. Samsung’s biggest Galaxy devices, for example, now get their own press events. But it seems LG isn’t one of them.

The company has released a new video teasing a “breakthrough” at MWC later this month, sparking speculation it has something special up its sleeve.

Here’s the clip.


This follows a teaser image that LG posted on its Facebook page yesterday. Neither the image or the video give anything away — all we know is, its next big thing will be “premium,” “speedy,” and “stylish.”

Given that this is MWC — not CES — that narrows the options down a little bit. It has to be something “mobile,” so we know it’s not going to be a new TV or microwave. We also know that LG is planning a new “F-series” of devices, because it told us during its most recent earnings call.

Whatever the case may be, we’ll find out for certain in a couple of weeks. Cult of Android will be at MWC, so we’ll bring you LG’s announcement(s) as soon as we have it/them.