LG Announces 8.6 Million Android Handsets Sold During Q4, Teases New Series


LG has today announced its financial results for the fourth quarter of 2012, during which the South Korean company sold 15.4 million cellphones and saw a 2% increase in sales and revenue of $2.58 billion. 8.6 million of those devices were Android-powered handsets, with “premium LTE smartphones” like the Optimus G and the Optimus Vu 2 leading the way.

During the third quarter of 2012, LG sold only 7 million smartphones, which means shipments increased 23% for the fourth quarter. LG’s consolidated revenue for the quarter, which includes the revenue from its mobile, home entertainment, and appliances divisions, was $45.22 billion.

Its television business was one of the most successful, with shipments topping 9.3 million units during the fourth quarter to account for a 17.4% revenue increase.

The company saw a 6% decrease in revenue in 2012 compared to 2011, but it’s profit actually increased to $1.01 billion from $342.06 million a year ago.

As for 2013, LG has big things on the way. The company teased “plans to increase smartphone revenues and market share by launching follow-up devices to Optimus G and the L-series as well as the new F-series.” It’s unclear exactly what the new F-series will bring, or when its first devices might appear.

Earlier this month, LG announced that its then flagship Optimus G — which has now been succeeded by the Optimus G Pro — had surpassed one million sales in the last four months. Its Nexus 4 has also been a big success, outselling all prior expectations from Google.

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