Nexus 4 Delivery Times Reduced To Just 48 Hours As Supplies Steady


Following weeks of delays and supply constraints, it appears Google and LG have finally caught up with Nexus 4 demand. The device became available to order again through Google Play on Wednesday, and it’s still available to order two days later. Furthermore, customers in the United Kingdom are reporting that they’ve had their devices delivered less than 48 hours after they ordered them.The Nexus 4 launch has been far from smooth for Google and LG.

Google simply didn’t foresee the sheer level of demand the handset has seen since it first went on sale last November, and so it didn’t order anywhere near enough handsets from LG. It’s meant that the device has rarely been available to order through Google Play, and that some customers have had to wait up to six weeks to have their handset delivered.

LG recently said that it expected to meet demand by mid-February, however, and it appears it may have hit its target a little early. The Nexus 4 became available to order through Google Play on Wednesday, and it’s still in stock now. This is the longest uninterrupted period of availability since it went on sale.

And although Google Play says it’ll take 1-2 weeks for the device to be delivered, it’s been much quicker for many in the U.K. CNET reports that a number of readers have gotten in touch to say that they’ve had their handsets delivered today, less than 48 hours after they ordered them.

It seems we can finally stop complaining about the Nexus 4 delays, then. And it’s about time. Maybe LG will go ahead and launch the white model now.