Purported Galaxy S IV Press Image Has Been Hiding On Picasa For A Month


Speculation surrounding the Galaxy S IV, Samsung’s next flagship smartphone, traditionally ramps up around this time of the year. Everyone’s itching to know what the device will offer when it comes to features and specifications, and what it’ll look like. We’ve seen the rumors that offer questionable information from sources, but this picture, which was uploaded to Picasa almost a month ago, could be the Galaxy S IV’s first press shot.

If it is indeed genuine, the Galaxy S IV will be a huge improvement over the Galaxy S III in terms of design. I wouldn’t say the Galaxy S III is an ugly handset, but it’s certainly not the prettiest smartphone on the planet. And when you’re making a high-end smartphone, design should be important — especially when it’s going to compete with a device like the new Sony Xperia Z.

This Galaxy S IV isn’t quite as rounded, and its bezels either side of the display are slightly thinner than those on the Galaxy S III. It also has a larger home button. The device actually looks like a mix between the Galaxy Note and the Galaxy Premier — and not too dissimilar to the purported Galaxy S IV image that surfaced earlier this month. We suspected that was a fake mockup, however, because it didn’t have a physical home button.

What’s most interesting about this picture is the date on its display. Samsung, like other device makers, always puts the handset’s announcement date on its press shots. That indicates the Galaxy S IV could be unveiled on April 22. The Galaxy S III was unveiled in May 2012, but Samsung chief JK Shin revealed to reporters earlier this month that its successor would be unveiled “soon.


This image has been sitting in plain site on Picasa since December 27. There’s no information with it; it’s just named “Galaxy S IV GT-I9500 Product Image.” According to Android Authority, there’s no link between its uploader and Samsung, either “A student from Hong Kong who doesn’t appear to have any professional relationship with Samsung uploaded it,” they say, and so there is a chance this is simply a fan-made mockup.

I certainly wouldn’t mind if the Galaxy S IV looks like this, though. Would you?