Samsung Galaxy S III’s Premium Suite Upgrade Now Rolling Out In U.K.

Galaxy S III

The Samsung Galaxy S III’s Premium Suite upgrade has begun its rollout in the United Kingdom, just over two weeks after it first arrived in Poland. The update is reaching international handsets first with the GT-I9300 model number, and it introduces a whole host of new features — including things like Multi Window, Page Buddy, a Facebook ticker for your lock screen, and lots more.

This upgrade is quite possibly the biggest the Galaxy S III has received since it was released. If you haven’t been following our coverage of it, here’s the long list of features that you can look forward to:

  • Page Buddy
    Adds context-sensitive pages to your home screen that are automatically activated by certain things — such as plugging in earphones, docking your device, or roaming abroad.
  • Contextual Menu
    Choose to see the most frequently used apps first when you attach files to messages and emails.
  • Contextual Tag
    When taking a photo, contextual tag automatically adds the date, location, and weather.
  • Multi Window
    Allows you to split the Galaxy S III’s display into two and run one app on one side and another app on the other.
  • Auto Share Shot Pairing With NFC
    Allows you to share photographs with those close to you using automatically using NFC.
  • Reader Mode
    Allows you to view webpages in reader mode, where you can change font sizes.
  • Facebook Lock Ticker
    See your Facebook feed on your Galaxy S III’s lock screen.
  • Paper Artist
    Allows you to add all kinds of artsy paper effects to your photographs and “make cool pictures like you’re a pop artist.”
  • Low Light Shot
    Reduces noise to provide bright and clear photographs without a flash.
  • Best Face
    When taking a group picture, Best Face lets you take five consecutive shots, then choose the best faces from each shot and combine them into one photo.
  • Easy Mode
    Easy Mode makes your smartphone easier to use by placing the five most-used widgets, such as weather and alarms, on the home screen so that they’re easily accessible.
  • Sound Balance
    Adjusts the volume balance of ear phones on each side to accommodate unbalanced hearing.
  • Setup Wizard
    Helps users set up their Galaxy S III handset with accessibility options enabled.
  • Camera Easy Snap
    Camera sounds off a special noise when faces are detected so that the visually impaired can easily take photos.

Samsung has demonstrated all of these features in part one and part two of its Premium Suite demonstration videos. You should receive a notification when you upgrade is available for your handset, but you can check manually within your Settings app. The update can be downloaded over-the-air, or via Kies on your Mac or PC.

Has the upgrade landed on your handset yet? Let us know in the comments.