Samsung Showcases The Last Of The Galaxy S III’s New Premium Suite Features [Video]

On Friday, Samsung released a promotional video showcasing some of the new features coming to its Galaxy S III handset in the recently released ‘Premium Suite’ upgrade. Today, the Korean company has released another clip to show off the rest of them. This one highlights Paper Artist, Low Light Shot, Best Face, and more.

Here’s a full list of the features in this clip:

  • Paper Artist
    Allows you to add all kinds of artsy paper effects to your photographs and “make cool pictures like you’re a pop artist.”
  • Low Light Shot
    Reduces noise to provide bright and clear photographs without a flash.
  • Best Face
    When taking a group picture, Best Face lets you take five consecutive shots, then choose the best faces from each shot and combine them into one photo.
  • Easy Mode
    Easy Mode makes your smartphone easier to use by placing the five most-used widgets, such as weather and alarms, on the home screen so that they’re easily accessible.
  • Sound Balance
    Adjusts the volume balance of ear phones on each side to accommodate unbalanced hearing.
  • Setup Wizard
    Helps users set up their Galaxy S III handset with accessibility options enabled.
  • Camera Easy Snap
    Camera sounds off a special noise when faces are detected so that the visually impaired can easily take photos.

You can check out all of these features in action in Samsung’s new video below.

The Android 4.1.2 ‘Premium Suite’ upgrade for the Galaxy S III began its rollout in Poland early last week. It’s reaching international (GT-I9300) handsets first, so if you have this model, you should expect to see it in the coming weeks.