Samsung Shows Off Galaxy S III’s New ‘Premium Suite’ Features [Video]

Samsung began rolling out its Android 4.1.2 “Premium Suite” upgrade for the Galaxy S III earlier this week. Starting in Poland, the software will make its way to all international Galaxy S III handsets over the coming weeks. While you’re waiting, you can check out all of the new features it brings — including Page Buddy and Multi Window — with Samsung’s new Premium Suite demonstration video below.

The video (below), showcases the following new features:

  • Page Buddy
    Adds context-sensitive pages to your home screen that are automatically activated by certain things — such as plugging in earphones, docking your device, or roaming abroad.
  • Contextual Menu
    Choose to see the most frequently used apps first when you attach files to messages and emails.
  • Contextual Tag
    When taking a photo, contextual tag automatically adds the date, location, and weather.
  • Multi Window
    Allows you to split the Galaxy S III’s display into two and run one app on one side and another app on the other.
  • Auto Share Shot Pairing With NFC
    Allows you to share photographs with those close to you using automatically using NFC.
  • Reader Mode
    Allows you to view webpages in reader mode, where you can change font sizes.
  • Facebook Lock Ticker
    See your Facebook feed on your Galaxy S III’s lock screen.

And as the video explains, that’s not all — there’s a part two video coming soon which will showcase even more of the Premium Suite’s features. Look out for that on Samsung’s official YouTube channel by hitting the source link below.