Verizon To Allow Carrier Billing For Google Play Content Starting This Thursday

It looks like Verizon’s plan to offer carrier billing for Google Play Store purchases is finally coming to fruition. While the last thing I want to do to is add to my ridiculously high Verizon Wireless bill, there are some users out there that have been waiting for this convenience. Plus, some users (especially young ones) don’t have access to a credit card (although I believe Google Play gift cards to be a better option).

According to a Droid-Life reader, the service is set to go live this Thursday October 18th. Verizon customers will then have the ability to purchase up to $25 in Google Play content each month and have it added to their monthly Verizon bill. I’m actually relieved (surprised too) to see that they set a limit to avoid extreme bill shock for customers.

I guess my evil plans of purchasing a hundred thousand Nexus 7 devices and sticking Verizon with the bill aren’t going to pan out.