DOA: T-Mobile Galaxy Note Reaches “End Of Life” In Less Than A Month

The only surprise here, is the fact that T-Mobile even launched the Galaxy Note in the first place. Everyone was wondering why T-Mobile was bothering with a device that was almost a year old, not to mention the fact that its successor, the Galaxy Note II, is supposed to be announced at the end of this month. Well, it appears T-Mobile has come to its senses as it has decided to put the device to rest.

The T-Mobile Galaxy Note has already been disappearing off of store shelves, and now, Android Police is reporting that T-Mobile is putting the device on EOL (end of life). It makes sense, especially if T-Mobile plans on carrying the Note 2.

T-Mobile has a lot of catching up to do and announcing truly unlimited plans was a step in the right direction. Now they just have to start getting the devices and rolling out LTE. Let’s go Magenta, get moving!