Black Galaxy S III Coming To T-Mobile? It Sure Looks That Way

The sleek looking black version of the Galaxy S III has been randomly popping up everywhere and was recently spotted on T-Mobile’s USA website. While we have yet to hear an official announcement from Samsung, we know it exists, and one U.K. retailer is even expecting to have it in stock soon.

So does this mean T-Mobile will be carrying the black version as well? It sure looks that way, but without any official word, it’s hard to tell. If they do, we’re going to have to assume they will be getting it around the same time as Mobile Fun (4-6 weeks).

We’re still trying to figure out why Samsung never included a black version to begin with, but hey, I guess it’s better than launching in black and then trying to woo users with a white version (as most people prefer black).

If we hear anything from T-Mobile, we’ll be sure to pass it along. Until then, just stare at the pretty picture.