Black Samsung Galaxy S III Expected To Hit U.K. Retailer Mobile Fun In 4-6 Weeks

Rumors about a black Samsung Galaxy S III have been circulating for a bit now, but beyond the randomly spotted image or two, nothing has been confirmed. That was, until today. U.K. retailer Mobile Fun is the first to announce a price and release date for this now confirmed device.

In about 4-6 weeks, MobileFun will begin stocking the black model for the price of £499.95 inc. VAT. It’s a sim free device that apparently can only be shipped to confirmed U.K. addresses. Either way, it confirms that there will be a black model and it’s bound to be hitting other retailers around the same time.

Many users have been puzzled by Samsung’s choice of colors for the SG3 and the fact that they omitted the quintessential black. Despite this, it’s been selling like hotcakes, and introducing a popular color such as black, can only mean more sales.

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