It’s Pretty Safe To Say Samsung Will Announce The Galaxy Note 10.1 On August 15th

A Samsung spokesman has already confirmed the Galaxy Note 2 (not an official name) unveiling on August 29th, but what about Samsung’s August 15th event in NYC? Well, there’s only a couple possibilities, but judging by the recent shipment that hit Negri Electronics, and the image on Samsung’s event invitation, I’d say it’s safe to say Samsung will be announcing the Galaxy Note 10.1.

The invitation appears to be a dead ringer for Samsung’s S Pen functionality and judging by the image, which appears to have a built in S Pen slot, we’re putting our money on the Galaxy Note 10.1. Let’s just hope they don’t attach the same price tag to it that Negri Electronics did, otherwise I’m tossing this one in the DOA pile.

I’ll try not to worry about it for the next 12 days.