Verizon’s Viewdini Video Guide Now Available Via The Google Play Store

Just over a week ago, Verizon announced their plans to launch a video aggregator app called Viewdini. They obviously got the inspiration from their horribly failed VideoSurf partnership which garnered close to 4,000 1-star reviews. Naturally, Verizon saw this as a success and decided to launch their own video aggregator service. You’ll find the service comes with many caveats but I guess we should be happy it doesn’t yet come pre-installed on our devices.

For those interested, you’ll first need to be a Verizon customer. Then you’ll have to make sure you own a 4G LTE Android device. Once you meet those requirements, you’ll be able to download the app and begin searching for videos via a plethora of providers, including: Netflix, Hulu Plus, mSpot, TV sites, movie studios, and cable operators including Comcast’s Xfinity TV.

Once you’ve found the video you want to watch, depending on who’s offering it, you’ll either have to sign-up, pay for a subscription, pay for a rental, or purchase the content outright. It looks like a nice video search tool but without having the ability to directly stream the content through it, it’s nothing more than a fancy TV guide.

For more information or to download Viewdini from Verizon, visit the Google Play link below.