That Fancy Schmancy Google+ Update That iOS Got First, Yea… It’s Available For Android Now

You remember that fancy Google+ update that iOS users were treated to before us Android users? Well, say hello to sloppy seconds (actually beautiful seconds) because it’s now here for Android. If you head over to the Play Store now, you’ll be able to download the latest version of Google+ and begin enjoying the UI refresh as well as:

  • Initiate a Hangout from the main menu
  • Support for ringing hangout notification
  • Support for post editing
  • Messenger suggestions for people you may know
  • Download photos from posts or Messenger conversations
  • A navigation ribbon that slides in and out, providing quick access to just about everything
  • The ability to download photos directly from Google+, and turn them into wallpaper
  • The chance to edit posts inline, in case you make any mistakes while on the go

We can stop being jealous now and start enjoying are newly amped up Google+. Hit up the source link below for more information and to download the latest version of Google+ for Android.