Sprint Customers Can Now Take Advantage Of Extended Carrier Billing For Google Play Content

Earlier in the month, Google announced they would allow additional Google Play content such as books and movies to be purchased using carrier billing. Today, that feature has gone live for Sprint customers who originally could only purchase apps via carrier billing. As it stands, every major carrier other than Verizon appears to have support for carrier billing.

Carrier billing allows a user to purchase goods and services and have them charged to their phone bill rather than using Google Wallet/Google Checkout. Some people find carrier billing to be a convenience but I’m personally more comfortable using my credit card because of the fraud protection I’m afforded. Plus, my phone bill is already high enough to put me into cardiac arrest, and although I’m still paying the same amount for apps, etc., for some reason having two bills makes me feel better. That, and the fact that if I’m tight on cash one month, I can always make a payment on my credit card, something you can’t do with carriers (unless you want your phone shut off).

Either way, it’s another option for consumers and since everyone is different, it’s nice to have options. So if you’re on Sprint, you should now see the carrier billing option when purchasing Google Play content beyond just apps.