Samsung Teams Up With Dropbox To Offer Galaxy S III Owners 50GB Of Storage

In case you’ve been unplugged from the web today, Samsung announced the Galaxy S III along with its slew of features and content. We’ve already told you about the Flipboard deal, but it appears Samsung also made some arrangements for Galaxy S III owners to pick up 50GBs worth of Dropbox storage.

Anyone who picks up a Samsung Galaxy S III will be able to register their device and receive 50GB of free Dropbox storage. Although this extra storage will be free upon registration, it seems to expire after 2 years and then it’s anyone’s guess what users will have to pay to keep it.

So it looks like Samsung is cuddling up to a few companies to make the Galaxy S III even more enticing than it already is (or isn’t if you’re not a fan). What do you say, does 50GB of free Dropbox storage sway you one way or the other?