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CoA-CES-2014Android-powered video game consoles like the Ouya haven’t exactly been a huge success, but Chinese electronics maker Huawei is hoping to change that with Tron, a device that looks remarkably similar to Apple’s new Mac Pro — albeit a lot smaller. It’s powered by a quad-core NVIDIA Tegra 4 processor and 2GB of RAM, and it’s expected to cost less than $150.


The Xbox One isn’t quite out yet, but those of you planning to pick one up later this week can now download the new companion app for Android in preparation. Gamers can use it to navigate their Xbox One’s user interface, browse the web on their TV, and to turn their smartphone or tablet into a second screen.


iFruit, the GTA V companion app, is finally available to download on Android, more than a month after the game made its debut on consoles. The free app allows you to log into the Rockstar Games Social Club and customize cars in Los Santos Customs, interact with Chop the dog, and more.


Microsoft has today launched Xbox Music on Android and iOS almost a year after the music streaming service made its debut alongside Windows 8. The apps allow subscribers to stream tens of millions of songs straight to their mobile devices, and create playlists that sync across your smartphone, tablet, PC, and Xbox 360.

Microsoft has also updated its Xbox Music web app to offer free, ad-supported streaming for all.


Google has filed with the U.S. International Trade Commission to drop a patent complaint against Microsoft that sought to prevent the company from using video compression technology on its popular Xbox 360 console. The move follows an antitrust settlement Google made with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission earlier this month, which said the company must license patents used in standards to other parties.

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