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Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 will finally drop the tacky plastic in favor of a new premium form factor made out of metal, a new report claims. It is also expected to become the first Samsung device to ship with a flexible display that should be much more durable than its predecessors.


Samsung’s new Galaxy Tab S appears to have a pretty serious overheating issue. It doesn’t just get warm and uncomfortable to hold; it gets so hot that its cheap back panel actually starts to warp. A number of owners are reporting the problem online, but according to Samsung, it’s only “negligible” and shouldn’t prevent them from using the device.


Samsung today published its official introduction video for the Galaxy Tab S, which showcases the swanky new slate’s best features following its official unveiling in New York City on Thursday evening. The two-minute clip highlights its slim and lightweight design, but the tablet’s impressive Super AMOLED display is by far its biggest selling point.


The upcoming Galaxy Tab S is set to become Samsung’s first tablet with a fingerprint scanner, according to a set of leaked Samsung graphics — and that won’t be the only feature borrowed from the Galaxy S5. The device will also offer the new Ultra Power Saving Mode, as well as the Magazine UX baked into Samsung’s latest TouchWiz launcher.


Last year’s Galaxy S4 Active was marketed by Samsung as a waterproof version of the original Galaxy S4 — but there were a number of subtle differences between the two internally. Buying the Active meant you had to settle for a lesser camera — 8-megapixels versus 13-megapixels — and a TFT display over a Super AMOLED one.

There are going to be some hardware differences between these variants this time around as well, it seems — but for 2014, the Galaxy S5 Active has the advantage over the original Galaxy S5. In addition to a barometer, the device has a customizable “Active Key” and what appears to be optical image stabilization.

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