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Huawei is planning to unveil a number of new devices at Mobile World Congress next week, and for some strange reason, the Chinese company thought it would be a good idea to tease them with a fake iPhone running an embarrassing Siri clone.


One of the quickest ways to get an answer to any question is to ask Google Now, but it doesn’t always provide an appropriate response. For example, it has no idea how many countries there are in the world, and its response to this question is laughable. Check out the video below.

Motorola-Touchless-Control-app Motorola’s Touchless Control app, which allows you to control your smartphone using only your voice, is now available to download from Google Play. You can use it to set alarms, get directions, find answers to questions, “or do just about anything” — without having to touch your phone at all.

There is one caveat, however. The app’s only available on the Moto X, the Droid Ultra, the Droid Mini, and the Droid Maxx.


Continuing its expansion at roughly the same pace as the known universe, Facebook has just announced that they have acquired Mobile Technologies, the developer of Jibbigo, a universal translator app for Android and iOS.


DIRECTV has been updated to version 2.5 on Google Play, bringing along a bunch of new features — the main one being the ability to use voice search to find out what’s on TV.

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