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Cuuuuute! Photo: Xiaomi

Cuuuuute! Photo: Xiaomi

Isn’t that just the cutest little media streamer you’ve ever seen? It’s Xiaomi’s new Mi Box mini, and believe it or not, there are more than 280 components packed into that tiny little thing, which hopes to compete with devices like the Chromecast for a spot in your living room.

Fire TV Stick is available to pre-order now. Photo: Amazon

Fire TV Stick is available to pre-order now. Photo: Amazon

Amazon is looking to build upon the success of Fire TV with a new $39 Fire TV Stick that is taking on the Google Chromecast. It’s more powerful than rival devices, and it supports a vast selection of streaming services — including Amazon’s own Prime Instant Video. And for two days only, Prime subscribers can get there’s for just $19.


At an event in New York City this morning, Amazon finally announced FireTV, its long-awaited Apple TV competitor. It’s three times faster than its competitors, with a “best in class” quad-core processor and a dedicated GPU, and it runs the latest Android games.


Amazon’s much-anticipated Apple TV competitor will finally launch next month, according to a new report from The Wall Street Journal. The device will offer incentives to members of the Amazon Prime subscription service, sources claim, and it will be powered by a custom version of Android.


Google is expected to make gaming a major focus for its upcoming “Nexus TV” following its acquisition of Green Throttle Games, the company behind the Atlas game controller for Android.

The search giant’s upcoming set-top box will reportedly compete with Android-powered consoles like the OUYA, allowing users to play smartphone and tablet games on their TVs.

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