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The Doxie Flip is an ultra-portable, cordless flatbed scanner, ideal for digitizing photos, sketches, books, memorabilia — anything you think of — whether you’re at home, in the office, or on the go. It’s small enough to fit in your pocket, and for a limited time only, it’s under $100 with 32% off.

CoM_Doxie Go

Every day, we receive countless pieces of paper: Receipts, important notes, and more. Typically, we put those pieces of paper into our pockets and promise ourselves we’ll sort and file them later, but we rarely do.

Now you can organize all of your papers throughout the day quickly and easily with Doxie Go, 30% off for a limited time with free shipping at Cult of Android Deals.


The Galaxy S5’s fingerprint scanner may be coming more than 7 months later than the iPhone’s, but it’s already going to be more useful to users. Not only will it allow them to unlock their device at the touch of a button, but Samsung’s going to allow third-party developers to integrate fingerprint scanning into their own applications, too.


Samsung has confirmed that it is researching iris scanning security technology for its future smartphones, but its upcoming Galaxy S5 may employ a fingerprint reader instead — just like Apple’s iPhone 5s. A Galaxy S5 APK file named “FingerprintService” has been leaked ahead of the handset’s release.


Samsung’s next-generation Galaxy S5 will feature a 2K QHD display and iris scanning technology, and it will get its grand unveiling at Mobile World Congress next month, an unnamed “tipster” has claimed. Samsung is expected to maintain the plastic form factor we’ve seen from the rest of its smartphones, concentrating on improvements internally instead.

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