Scan documents anywhere and at any time with Doxie Go [Deal]

CoM_Doxie Go

Every day, we receive countless pieces of paper: Receipts, important notes, and more. Typically, we put those pieces of paper into our pockets and promise ourselves we’ll sort and file them later, but we rarely do.

Now you can organize all of your papers throughout the day quickly and easily with Doxie Go, 30% off for a limited time with free shipping at Cult of Android Deals.

Doxie Go is a portable scanner that makes going paperless a snap. When you receive a document, just scan it right then and there. Doxie Go handles scanning duties quickly and efficiently: It can scan a colorized, full page document in only 8 seconds!

Filing your scanned document is a cinch, too. Doxie Go files up to 600 pages in its onboard memory until such time as you can sync the Doxie Go with your home computer or Cloud storage. Plug it in to your Mac or PC via USB and send your files to Dropbox, Acrobat, Evernote, Google Drive, and more.

Even if you have several hundred pages of scanned documents, finding one particular document is simple. That’s because Doxie Go has award winning ABBYY® optical character recognition technology that actually interprets the text on your scanned documents into searchable PDF’s. There’s no searching for a needle in a haystack with the Doxie Go.

At just over 14oz, the Doxie Go is easy to take with you anywhere. Plus it’s built-in lithium ion battery is capable of 100 scans on a single charge.

No more saving your tax receipts in a disorganized shoe box. With Doxie Go, you can scan receipts as you get them and organize them easily for tax time.

Banish paper from your life with Doxie Go, only $139 with free shipping to the continental U.S. ($174 for international customers) for a limited time at Cult of Android Deals.