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Pebble AppStore

Pebble is currently in the midst of pushing out an essential stability update for it’s official Pebble Companion application via the Google Play Store. In terms of added functionality, this upgrade brings a completely revamped user interface for managing the connection between your smartphone and smartwatch, in addition to several bug fixes and speed optimizations.


Most of us assumed bad battery life would be the biggest complaint about the first batch of Android Wear watches, but it seems not even the best battery life in the world could solve their most obvious flaw. Take an LG G Watch or a Samsung Gear Live outside on a sunny day and you’ll find they’re almost unusable.


Have you just got your mitts on the new Pebble? If so, are you eager to begin setting it up? Well, before you enthusiastically dive into the box, you may want to read through this Friday’s Pro Tip as there are few possible pitfalls you could encounter along the way which would result in an extremely difficult and frustrating setup process.


A decent smartwatch isn’t cheap, but the upcoming G Watch from LG — one of the first wearables to be powered by Android Wear — could be significantly cheaper than you were expecting. According to one report, the device will available in Europe on July 7, and it’ll cost less than the entry-level Galaxy Gear 2 Neo and the Pebble Steel.


You can now use your Pebble to control music volume on your smartphone and tablet, thanks to a new Pebble app update that’s available now on iOS (and coming soon to Android). It’s accompanied by a version 2.2 firmware update for Pebble watches, which also adds the ability to reorganize the Launcher Menu.

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