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Have you just got your hands on a Pebble? If so, are you eager to start the setting up process? Well before you dive eagerly into the box, you may want to read through this Monday’s Need-to-Know as there are a few random pitfalls you could fall into along the way that would result in an extremely difficult and frustrating configuration procedure.



Pebble is now rolling out software version 2.4 — a vital firmware update for both the metal and plastic models of its smartwatch. The upgrade is being distributed via the official Pebble Companion application and transports WhatsApp compatibility, new developer support and a large quantity of bug fixes, stability improvements and speed optimizations.


Pebble today added three new additions to its popular smartwatch lineup, but they’re not the all-new Android Wear competitors you may have been hoping for. Instead, they’re actually original Pebbles with fancy new paint jobs — and they’re only available for a limited time.


HP is probably the last company you’d expect to make a genuinely good-looking smartwatch, but it appears to have done that with a little help from Gilt and fashion designed Michael Bastian. The company’s upcoming wearable, which it teased for the first time today, will deliver a custom operating system that’s compatible with both Android and iOS.

Pebble AppStore

Pebble is currently in the midst of pushing out an essential stability update for it’s official Pebble Companion application via the Google Play Store. In terms of added functionality, this upgrade brings a completely revamped user interface for managing the connection between your smartphone and smartwatch, in addition to several bug fixes and speed optimizations.

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