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Pandora is compatible with the Google Glass earbuds. Photo: Google.

Pandora is compatible with the Google Glass earbuds. Photo: Google.

An official Pandora app is now available for Google Glass, allowing you to enjoy and control Internet radio on your eyewear using only your voice (and your ears, obviously). Initially built only as a hack-a-thon project and never really intended for public use, Google liked the app so much it made it an official Glass add-on.


Google Play Music for Android is getting a nice new update this week that adds a new widget for instant access to your “I’m feeling lucky” mix. This release also makes improvements to the app’s existing widget by introducing a new design and finally making it resizable.


Android Wear’s feature set is quickly expanding now that third-party developers are rolling out their own smartwatch apps, and there are some real treats to be found in Google Play. The latest is called EchoWear, and it brings Shazam-like music recognition to your wrist to help you identify the tracks you hear around you.


Amazon’s long-rumored music streaming service is finally here. It’s called Amazon Prime Music, and it offers unlimited, ad-free streaming of more than a million songs and hundreds of playlists. And if you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber, you get it completely free on your smartphone, tablet and computer.


Samsung is killing off Music Hub and replacing it with “something even better,” the company said in a statement to customers today. It will give users until July 1 to download all of their purchased content and redeem any vouchers, at which point Music Hub as we know it will be no more.

But what will be its exciting new replacement?

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