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Screenshot: Cult of Android

Screenshot: Cult of Android

Google has finally given Play Movies customers the ability to pre-order upcoming titles — if you live in the U.S. There are currently 15 movies to choose from — including 22 Jump Street and Guardians of the Galaxy — and they’ll be added to your library automatically on the day they become available.

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Who says Chromebooks are useless without an Internet connection? Not Google, which today announced that Chromebook users can now watch movies and TV shows offline using the new Play Movies & TV app for Chrome OS.


If you’ve been an Android user for a number of years — and you don’t mind spending money on good apps — then you might be surprised by how much cash you’ve spent on Google Play in total. Those tiny $2 purchases soon add up. So, how do you find our your total spend on Google Play content?

It’s easy with My Paid Apps, a free app that provides you with a list of all the apps, books, movies, music, and TV shows you’ve purchased from Google Play — and tells how much you’ve spent in total.


Google is in the process of rolling out a much-needed update for its official Play Movies and TV app on the Play Store. This upgrade allows users to get their content offline faster, movies and shows may now be downloaded in HD or SD, there’s also improved video streaming performance for KitKat devices and a shedload of bug fixes and stability improvements.

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Still looking for the perfect Blu-ray player to accompany your PC’s Blu-ray drive? Well, now you’ve found it, thanks to MacGo. The MacGo Blu-ray Player lets you experience the clarity and vividness of blu-ray quality video for an unparalleled movie watching experience, and thanks to Cult of Android deals, you can get it now for just $30 — that’s 50% off its recommended retail price.

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