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Every month, Google updates the Android’s platform distribution data to reflect the most popular version of Android that has accessed Play Store over a period of 7 days. The numbers for the 1st week of January are in and they don’t really show any surprise. 


Android has held a pretty sizable lead over the iPhone for a long time now, and in the United States, it would appear there’s little chance of that changing any time soon. But Apple’s smartphone is gaining ground on its rival, and it’s all thanks to T-Mobile.


Sprint has announced that it has entered into an agreement to buy the other half of Clearwire for $5 per share, beating Dish’s current offer by $0.60 per share. The newly-revised deal values Clearwire at $14 billion, which represents a 47% increase over Sprint’s previous offer of $3.40 per share.

Boom, baby.

Boom, baby.

According to the latest report on smartphone subscriber market share from comScore, Apple still tops out over Samsung for market dominance, with both companies showing decent gains. HTC, Motorola, and LG are also in the top five smartphone makers, but lost market share this past quarter.


Yesterday Google’s stock closed just above $861 per-share, a huge benchmark for Google as it marks an all-time high for the search giant.

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